They Want Control - Day After Day - Digital Album

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They Want Control's "Day After Day"

Track List

1. Day After Day
2. Miss Anthropy
3. Rocket Science
4. Close To Midnight
5. Sister Grace
6. Stand Up Now
7. SuperFink
8. Silence Is Violence
9. Starlight Starfright
10. D.W.A.D.
11. Hey Doctor!
12. Carry Me Home
13. Dead Things Mikey
14. Acapella's Love
15. 13=UFS

All music all arranged, produced, mixed, performed by David Garol Vox, Guitar, Bass, Drums, Synth

Recorded at NoMansLand Dublin,Ireland Nov 2008 to Jan 2010

Mastered by David Garol / Team Diamond / Lorag Records

They Want Control on Facebook!/pages/theywantcontrol/91817429343

Original release February 1, 2010 license Lorag Records

Digital Lorag Entertainment Release 03/02/2019

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