Analog - Drumbeats In My Head

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Analog aka David Garol's slick Lo-Fi Trip Hop mash of many styles                 

Co produced by Legend Kim Fowley (Joan Jett, The Runaways,Teenage Fanclub) and Roy Swedeen (Pulp Fiction Soundtrack)

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ANALOG is a one man band Kim Fowley-Roy Swedeen are the Executive Producers-Co-Publishers of ANALOGS "DRUMBEATS IN MY HEAD EP" which are Performed-Composed-Co-Produced-Arranged-Engineered and Co-Produced by ANALOG. Kim Fowley has credits on projects by Sin[Kruder-Dorfmeister], Industrials, The Leather Nun, Ministry of Sound, Skylab[William Orbit/Ronnie Size], Space Monkeys, Teenage Fan Club, Nilon Bombers, Add N To[X]. Roy Swedeen has engineered-produced Jody "Endless Sleep" Reynolds and The Tornados[Pulp Fiction/Bustin' Surfboards.

Analog aka David Garol was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1977. The son of a chemical engineer and a graphic artist, he lived there until the age of five. Moving then to California this mid west kid became exposed to skateboarding, hip hop,and more sun than a fair skinned person should handle. Handle it he did, evolving into a teenager under a western sky. Creativity has always been a part of his family. Early on he was taken to numerous musicals in which his mother was a resident actor. Art and music were encouraged themes growing up. In high school he started a heavy metal music band where he would be the drummer. With a bright yellow kit bought for seventy five dollars and constant after school practice drums where becoming his first instrument.

He was then invited to tryout for lead vocals in the band Grasshouse. He became the lead vocalist in the band that became an interesting mix of classic rock and acid jazz. This was strange music for fifteen year olds to be playing. The group became very popular, playing many shows in Bakersfield,Los Angeles California. Two of these shows were with opening band Cake and Cypress Hills Sen Dog's side project. During this period, Analog played with musicians like Adema's Kris Coles at venues like LA's Whiskey A Go-Go. This was a growing period one could not forget.

Music being his passion he mastered his instruments;learning guitar, bass, keyboard, sequencing and recording techniques. Producing records with Zach Davidson for local band Plebian Cry (now Epic Records band VENDETTA RED) and on his own music was becoming a way of life! Times change and adventure calls. With this came the opportunity to travel to Europe to join a new band in Ireland called Guava. Again the chemistry was electric and shows started to pile up. While in Guava, Analog wrote and recorded songs for the band. He secured the position as one of the lead singers . Known for a brilliant live show the band played all over the country from Belfast's Katy Daly's to Galway's famous Rosin Dubh, Corks Opera House and back again. Some of the attendees included actors Matt Damon, Cameron Diaz , and record executive Louis Walsh.

Guava built a strong following and sparked the interests of Origin Records, This label featured the band on two compilations. These compilations included other acts such as Ruth Dillion, Charis, The Devlins and The Four Of Us. During this time in Europe, Analog found time to produce three of his own independently released cd's: Sound From A Ribbon , Feng Sway and Oh Those LoFi Days. On these CDs, he sequenced beats, played guitar, bass and performed the vocals.

He helped form, played drums and produced with Galway band Fuktifino. This bands analog produced demo was reviewed in HotPress by Jakie Hayden; "Lashings of passion and energy!" and in Kerange; "Hail Fuktifino!"

After Guava's release of the four song E.P. "Sonic Segregation", DJ Dave Fanning saw Guava's buzz and invited the band to record a session at the 2FM Studios in Dublin. Thier music was aired nationwide in the summer of 2000. Analog is influenced by many different styles of music. Folk, hip-hop, early soul, and punk play a role in his songs development.

His songs are accented with eclectic touches while still retaining a commercial outcome and feel that is all his own. His records keep the listener interested and entertained while getting the emotion across. He is constantly evolving yet staying current with his art and music. Always experimenting with combinations of sounds and styles to create a unique and distinct expression!